In Yer Face


There are new forces in the world…a conflict between the generations; a powerful feeling that the American system is failing to deal with the real threats to life: the Bomb, the pollution of air and water, the population explosion, the mounting slums and crime…”

The intro to 808 State’s In Yer Face. As relevant today as it’s ever been. The tune is 25 years old and is having a bit of work done through a pair of remixes from Bicep. The original is such a dance classic that it’s always hard to approach such remixes with an open mind. But here goes.

First thing is a shock. The intro drops Alastair Cooke’s sample (if indeed it was him). Makes it more dance floor ready and allows a slow build to a peak. The rest of the remix does some gentle remodelling. A little filler here, a little tuck there. Keeps an acid house sense to it. But equally, doesn’t allow the tune to offer the sheer ‘punch’ of the original. A decent remix but not a great one. Another remix is out there (808 State – In Yer Face (Bicep Acid Dub); see RA) but I haven’t heard it.

The original version

~ by acidted on September 1, 2016.

One Response to “In Yer Face”

  1. That was pretty good. Miss the voice intro but good all the same.

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