Lewis Beck – Parallel Impulse


Proper acid techno. That’s what you’re getting this morning. Put on your serious face, make like the 1990s, pretend you’re at your favourite club and groove to Lewis Beck.

Lewis Beck (Justin Beck) is from New York City. He’s one of those that started early – at the age of 15 Lewis Beck  became inspired to start DJing and producing music. That there’s something wonderfully classic about his style might be explained where his biog says “Through a series of fortunate events, he became connected with house music legend, Todd Terry. Upon meeting him after a show in the city, he heard some of Justin’s music and immediately signed 2 of his tracks.”

And so to the track – Parallel Impulse is a monster tune. All clean machine techno, with lots of added acid flourishes and some 808/303 working away. Yes it harks back to classic techno of the early 1990s but without being some cheap copyist. This is techno of the highest order. Highly recommended.

Full EP here. Pull sounds a bit tired after the sheer thrill of Parallel Impulse. Whatever It Is closes the EP. There’s a lot more acid here. It’s a good tune but even it pales after the opener.


~ by acidted on September 10, 2016.

One Response to “Lewis Beck – Parallel Impulse”

  1. Impressive. Enjoyed that

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