Life coach kitteh says surrender to the present


Life coach kitteh says:
Why have I spent most of our session staring blankly at the wall? Well, what I am demonstrating is that a true transformational experience needs acceptance and surrender to the present moment. And also there’s a moth. A really big moth.”

Acceptance of impermanence is essential to a transformational experience. Only change is constant. Nothing else remains. Makes you think. Not really, but moody eh? Impermanence is the new album from Toto Chiavetta. Also a moody experience. But not in a battering you with beats sense. More in an unsettling sense. An album of depth and deep tech house tunes. A rewarding listening experience.

Blurb: Yoruba Records is proud to welcome back Toto Chiavetta for the release of his debut album, Impermanence. Hailing from Catania, Sicily, Toto is known for his deep, techy, and often moody dancefloor-ready jams as you might have heard on his album sampler, Views of Impermanence earlier this year. This album wastes no time getting down to business – opening with Tenor: a chunky, deep tech tune lead by a beautiful tenor sax – this one is sure to make waves in the coming months. Highlighting his flexibility in the studio, Toto’s “Revolution Has Come” is a soulful and funky house jam featuring smooth, groovy basslines and slick guitar riffs – sure to set the mood. “Don’t Give Hope Away” revisits Toto’s focus on the peak hour dancefloor, a warm and thick bass usher in a smooth and spacey vocal that is definitely one to get people moving. The title track of this release, Impermanence, keeps things chugging along with a classic deep house sound. The bassline commands you to move you your body as Tshaka Campbell’s spoken word vocal will have you lost in the moment. We couldn’t be more proud to offer this debut album, one that highlights Toto’s growth as an artist while maintaining a strict focus on the dancefloor. DJs and listeners alike will find these tunes well suited for the late night hours, listen and enjoy!


~ by acidted on September 12, 2016.

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