Exclusive: Creature Comforts I

Halloween wiener

Halloween isn’t too far off and Slighter’s always been one to celebrate the ghoulish. Here’s an exclusive listen to Creature Comforts I. This is inspired by sci-fi horror film music. The tone is much more synth based than is usual with Slighter’s music. This isn’t obvious things-going-bump-in-the-night stuff. This is proper intelligent music that works whatever the time of year.

I asked him what this was about. Colin C said “I wanted to do something different this year, as I’ve always released something with a Halloween theme around October. So Creature Comfort is born as a glimpse of how I’d score a Horror flick if given the chance.” Someone give him a chance – this is great stuff.

The three track EP opens with Ritual. Ominous bass contradicts hopeful synth sounds in the way that proper horror openers should. Very good, Hunted is a disorientating blend of echoed bass and underlying drone. This one’s a bit obvious perhaps. Other Worlds is the closer and the pick of the trio. A swirling mix of synths but without beats and with an exploratory air. Gorgeous sounds of space and time and scale. Winer.

The EP comes with three alternate versions. In this, Ritual gets a darker sheen, with the bass winning out against any optimism. Hunted, on the other hand, comes out of its shell a little to become a gorgeous piece of ambient drone. Other World becomes a more obvious dreamscape but loses a little something in the process. Still lovely just not quite what it is in the other version.

Blurb: Just in time for Halloween, Slighter (Colin C.) brings a brand new side project of Sci-Fi Horror inspired instrumental synth music as Creature Comfort! 3 atmospheric and spooky tracks that reflect an obvious homage to the 80s Horror flicks he grew up on.

~ by acidted on September 19, 2016.

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