Sunday selection: AshMcAuliffe, CallumDr and Jana Irmert


A trio of downtempo electronic tunes for a slow Sunday from Ash McAuliffe, CallumDr and Jana Irmert.

Ash McAuliffe’s In Dreams has quite a lot in common with Slighter’s Creature Comforts EP. This is electronic synth music but with a definite cinematic feel and a touch of John Carpenter horror lurking beneath. Indeed, Ash says “The song was inspired after watching the 1922 Swedish-Danish movie “HAXAN”“. I’d never heard of HAXAN but turns out it’s a witchcraft horror film.

And the film:

CallumDr (Callum Drummond from Blackburn, UK) by contrast offers something a little more cheerful, a little more uplifting. Red Lights (AkaShingo) is a synth based house tune. This offers an ebb and flow between a wonderful earworm synth line. A real tickling of the pleasure centres.

And finally, Jana Irmert (Berlin) and (untitled) slow, from her End of Absence EP, which does what it says on the tin. A slow, drifting, slightly droney, ambient tune to lull you back to bed if you’ve made the mistake of getting up that little bit too early. Go on. Have and extra half an hour. You know you deserve it.

~ by acidted on September 25, 2016.

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