Mirror Image – Reflections

Mirror Image is from the US, which isn’t what you might expect from the quite European, quite German, techno Reflections EP. Full of clean, cool, severe lines and a slight sense of reserve.

The Reflections EP has been out a while but is worth a few moments of your time nonetheless. If you wanted to be cruel you could say that this could have been recorded any time in the last 15 years or more. But really this is classic sounds of techno. What is that opens as the EP means to go on. Clattering beats, offstage whooshes, some dubby sounds and a distorted rave sub-bass. Rattler reins the darkness in a little with a slightly more melodic take on things, albeit without cracking any hint of a smile. Very nice.

Next up, Terror Techno. Heavily vocodered vocals give the tack an awkward sense of tune. There are beats but they aren’t the battering you might imagine. This is terror as a fear of anticipation of what might be. Harder brings back the rave sub-bass, offering it as the lead element in a disappointing track. The EP closes with Dispatch. All a bit NIN groaning this one.

For the first three tacks at least a rather fine offering. Free download as well.

Listen to the whole EP here.

~ by acidted on September 28, 2016.

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