The Boat feat. Beatrice Barizza ( Iori’s Eyes Cover)

Two reviews for the price of one. A Joor Nitth one, followed by one from me (I’d written mine before receiving his).

Joor Nitth says:

This I’m about to present today is one of those rare cases where the cover exceeds the original, as previously happened, in my opinion, with the valuable remake SolarSolar did of Wild Beasts’ “Albatross”, back in 2011.

Italian producer, bike lover and an incurable dreamer, in his own words, here’s Observant and his beautiful cover of “The Boat”, whose original version by Iori’s Eyes is not really my cup of tea, but one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

The track features velvety vocals by Beatrice Barizza, pleasantly blended into a chill groove following faithfully enough the original melody, yet not literally, resulting in a delightful trip-hop production of which Robert Del Naja perhaps wouldn’t disapprove (did anyone finally found out whether he’s Banksy or not?) On a side note, since this track is six months old (which, in internet time is a different geological era) I also suggest to the estimators of this genre a quick listen to Observant’s most recently published EP: “Impermanence”, which is, in my opinion just as interesting.

And mine:

Someone I’ve never heard of does a cover of a track I’ve never heard. Win is the result.

This track was a suggestion from Joor Nitth, and a right good one it was too. The someone I’ve never heard of is observant (Francesco Mauro from Venice, Italy). The track is The Boat, originally by Iori’s Eyes. Francesco says that he’s an “incurable dreamer.” And there is that dreamy sense about this one. The music has a deeply woozy, downtempo, clattery quality. The vocal is first rate, with a deep sense of yearning and loss. A lovely tune for your Sunday.


~ by acidted on October 2, 2016.

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