L.O.V.E Remix E.P

Kitteh and atat meet

Kitteh and atat meet

Mojo Filter returns on Owlspeak Recordings with L.O.V.E Remix E.P. He calls this psychedelic dance but if that all sounds a bit too tie dyed then fear not. This is swirling uplifting house, filled with… there’s no escaping the word, ‘love’.

The EP is three tracks from the recent album remixed or extended. The opener is L.O.V.E. which has more than a little Brian Eno about it and the childspeak of the title. It’s hard not to be uplifted by the good vibes flowing from this track. A little sugar rush of positivity. It then gets a Mushrooms Project remix which adds a dash of acidity to the proceedings. For those who like their flavours a little less sweet. It also comes in an extended version, which drifts along for 12 minutes in a stoned haze. Proper San Francisco.

Boom Boom gets a Tythe remix. This takes things a little more horizontal. Then, Olaf Stuut has a go at the track and rests on the synths and tones. That one has too strong a whiff of patchouli. Finally, Acid Land gets two remixes. The first, a remix from LeRoy which lacks focus. The second from DSK is the hardest thing here. A more straight techno track, owing far more to Detroit than it does to SF. And the better for it.

But L.O.V.E. in all its forms is the winner here.

Mojo Filter – L.O.V.E. (Mushrooms Project Extended Trip)

Full EP


Mojo Filter hand picks his sacred flock of ritual producers to deliver their reincarnations of 3 album tracks.

The E.P has been 18 months in the making and the results are clear to see. Pure psychedelic dance mastery of the highest order. This release is set to catapult Owlspeak Records into the upper echelons of hippy dance for all to enjoy.

No detail has been spared for this fully immersive, technicoloured dreamcoat of ideas and atmospheres. All of the works have endured the road trip koolaid acid test of Mojo Filter DJ sets and etched themselves into the timeless fabric of his kaleidoscopic record box.


~ by acidted on October 3, 2016.

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