Life coach kitteh talks authenticity


Life coach kitteh says:
People often ask me “Life coach kitteh, what is the difference between integrity and authenticity?” “Well, my little nosey beak” I reply, “Integrity is not leaving Acid Ted for the considerable two figure sum offered by Jazz Funk Blogspot. And authenticity is feeling sad because of me and Teddy Pendergrass. Uh huh.” Stay authentic people.

Authentic techno from the VRV label. Sadly, the authenticity is spoiled by it coming out on tape. Seriously people, what’s with the fetish for tapes? Luckily, the offerings from Subversive, Raiz and Permanent Heartbreak more than make up for it.

Subversive opens proceedings with Unwanted Reflection, a lovely dubby techno treat with more than a dash of Detroit to be going along with. Raiz gives us Recognize which has a dance floor chug about it. His second is Realize. Despite twice using a ‘z’ where it should be a ‘s’, this is a great classic house sound that manages not to be in the least bit dated.

The final three tracks come from Permanent Heartbreak. Mirror Pt 1 and Mirror Pt 2 are light house tracks and perfectly pleasant. But the best of the bunch is Amending which breaks out the synths for full effect, giving a blend of 80s and 90s sounds. Lovely tune, even a bit of that 90s birdsong to add to the experience.

Blurb: The second tape release from the VRV label comes as a mini compilation with various contributions from the deep. Subversive, Raíz and Permanent Heartbreak unearth concealed emotions for this concept release and (tape only) mix. Keeping in line with previous works, Subversive’s “Unwanted Reflection” lays down subtle yet driving Detroit-influenced themes. “Recognize” by Raíz is a thick house tool and floor mover. They take a deeper look within for “Realize” and deliver depth of sound and expression. Social Observer Permanent Heartbreak appears once more for cassette format (debuting on tape for VRVT-001) and closes the player with 3 cuts of harmonic emphasis. Mirror Pt. 1, Pt. 2 and Amending close out the narrative in delicate fashion. This limited run release includes packaging made from custom metallic and card-weight paper as well as hand painted labels for side differentiation.


~ by acidted on October 3, 2016.

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