Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Tim Engelhardt Remix)


After Friday’s classics remixed, here’s another from Tim Engelhardt. He takes on 1993 track Café Del Mar by Energy 52. Another of those proto trance Ibiza classic tunes. Been remixed 6,734 times* but nonetheless there’s a pack of 2016 ones on Push Communications.

The original, named after the famous Balearic bar, is both faster and harder than you’d imagine from the remixes that have followed. The classic ascending synth line sounds rather cheesy today but undeniably anthemic. What of Tim Engelhardt?

Tim takes a rather relaxed approach to things. His version doesn’t sound too rushed, nor does it feel in any hurry to get anywhere in particular. A late evening beach perambulation is the mood. Enjoy the sunset.

The full 2016 remix pack

Original mix

Blurb: Energy 52’s Cafe Del Mar probably needs little introduction – first appearing in 1993 and establishing itself as one of the key tracks in European dance music culture.

The track was voted number 1 in Mixmag’s 100 best tracks of all time, as well as occupying the same spot in a Radio 1 poll of Top 20 Dance Tracks of Last 20 Years.

Honouring the spirit of the track, Push Communications unveil a remix project updating this classic into a 2016 context, via a killer array of contemporary talent.

First up, Tim Engelhardt casts his spell over the original, providing an epic 10 minute journey that evokes sunset at Ibiza’s Cafe Del Mar through lush evolving sounds and textures.

Marcel Janowsky’s remix ups the energy levels with a skippy, vibrant and dubby mix that works the source material in fresh new shapes.

Dale Middleton’s mix is another epic affair, stretching out and giving room for the fully balearic, feet-in-the-sand Ibiza vibe.

Düsseldorf-based Mario Da Ragnio goes for a more driving take with his rework, pushing things into a darker formation before allowing the famous arpeggiated melody to shine through.

The last track on the release, a Beatport exclusive, comes from Affani – the Ibiza regular who pays his own homage to this slice of musical history with a respectful mix distilling the essence of the original into a perfectly realised dance-floor bomb.

*Rilly. I counted dem on discogs. Ok, no I made it up.

~ by acidted on October 4, 2016.

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