Gary Stallman – Wget



Wget. I keep reading this as ‘widget’. And I rather wish that’s what it was called*. Because this track is a little thingie that makes you dance. I’m not sure if it’s the bubbling sound, the clattering beats or the big synth tones. But boy does it work. House music but not as we normally know it.


Blurb: With hundreds of projects down his studio, Bamdad Sabbagh aka Gary Stallman decided in 2016 to start his own label ‘Emkan Records’. After sorting all the tracks he’s been working on for the past years, he’s finally feeling ready to provide a chronological view of his work and mindset.

Among the multitude of emotions a man can come across, his debut EP ‘Sudo Service Start’ translates the uplifting feeling of a new project with touches of hope and optimism. The EP melts Gary’s influences growing up in a multicultural environment. His thirst for technology and knowledge drove him to the use of very detailed synths, pads and plucks combined with powerful kicks and basses.

‘Sudo Service Start’ might not be a record for all dance floors, even though Gary wouldn’t mind playing it in the middle of a DJ set to push the audience’s feelings further.


* turns out I should be reading it as ‘double u get’ and there is a thing called wget


~ by acidted on October 5, 2016.

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