Meow Wolf’s House Of Eternal Return : Soundscapes Vol. 3 – Various Artists


I had a stressful week at work. I called my boss a prick and told him to piss off. This did not go down well. I avoided the sack but the fallout from that little altercation left me wound up and worn out. So it was a most welcome pleasure to soothe my strung out and brittle nerves with this sublime collection of sounds from various artists brought together under an artistic umbrella known as The House of Eternal Return. This is an impressive haul of compelling and, at times, quite exquisite ambient.

There’s the dreamily cosmic sounds of ‘Lemon Twin’ (David Last) with its synth peals and gently throbbing bass or the sinister, pulsating but strangely beautiful tones of ‘Wrinkle’ (Feathericci). Eccentricity abounds with the likes of ‘Friday The 13th feat HOER Actors’ (Mi), the twanging, Ry Cooder-ish guitar overlaid by a peculiar conversation ‘twixt child and (robot) man or the eerie ‘The Fridge’ (Brian Mayhall), with its multiple voices ricocheting in all directions, a simple tonal vibration providing the sole musical relief.

Some enchanting kalimba style sounds propel ‘Forest Groove’ (Brian Mayhall) and ‘Electric Blood’ (Cole Wilson) whereas ‘Gibber‘ (Mi) is an incongruous but still appealing mix of stretched out synths, out of tune plucked guitar and warm beats. There’s even the nearly-twelve-minutes long, wondrous beauty of ‘Beamspace feat. Tara Khozein (David Last Version)‘(Mi & Kevin Zoernig), a somniferous, captivating combination of softly repetitive beats a la Philip Glass and celestial vocals that drift in and out.

There’s another dozen or so tracks here spanning beats and beatless, synths and acoustic guitar, vocals or none, vaguely orthodox but often quite oddball. It’s beguiling and different without being pretentious, and there’s no attempt to be clever or weird for the sake of it.

I enjoyed every minute.

Review by D



~ by acidted on October 6, 2016.

5 Responses to “Meow Wolf’s House Of Eternal Return : Soundscapes Vol. 3 – Various Artists”

  1. Big thanks for this!




  2. Have a (virtual) hug, D.
    P.S.: do not call anybody a prick. You just make them to be bigger than they are.

  3. Thank you Luca.

  4. Blimey. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  5. A bit better, thanks.

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