Roman Fahls – Alaric


Roman Fahls provides some ambient techno with Alaric. RF is a former member of When 5AM / Hyse who produced the wonderful 2013 track Get In Love.

The artist name and track title might be a complicated joke (if I’m not over-reading) relating to the Fall of Rome (Roman Fahls) in AD410 by Alaric I, king of the Visigoths. Whatever, the track is pitched as being techno but is a lot more genre-bending than that and stretches itself much wider. There’s a bit of ambient, some IDm and even a soupcon of R&B. Makes a rather evocative piece. All strung out piano at first, building into something of dread and awe.

Equally good is Teuto

Blurb: Intricately weaving together influences of Techno and Ambient Electronic music, Roman Fahls works to create a sound that works as well on headphones as it does on the dance floor.

~ by acidted on October 21, 2016.

3 Responses to “Roman Fahls – Alaric”

  1. That’s bloody good, that is.

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