The Loft Club – Heart’s Desire (Eat More Cake Remix)


Dorset Apple Cake is what I made this evening. Felicity Cloake recipe, since you’re asking. Uh huh, just a touch of nutmeg. No, no other spices. Used golden caster sugar. Lovely colour. Coxes Orange Pippins obviously. Which made it all the more coincidental that some Eat More Cake arrived this evening, in the form of a bouncing house remix for The Loft Club.

The Loft Club are “a new British, sixties-styled, indie band, consisting of Daniel Schamroth, Jamie Whyte, Kieran Chalmers and Amy O’Loughlin.” Whatever that means. The remix is of Hearts Desire, the title of aforementioned The Loft Club’s debut EP. There’s a confident, almost Gallagher-esque, vocal. But EMC put some real oomph into the track, with a bouncing beat and jumping synth line. A fine remix dahlings.


~ by acidted on October 23, 2016.

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