Polar EP by Cobby & Litten


New Polar EP from Steve Cobby, with Russ Litten. Downtempo electronic drum funk and spoken word poetry. There’s no romance here. It’s a cold eyed view of the promised land.

In the Polar EP, Russ Litten’s flat vocal style and celebration of the homely and the ordinary is accompanied by a restrained backing from Cobby. None of the lush electronic funk of Fila Brazillia here. It’s more Spartan. And in Chip Fat drums have an edge and electronics are limited to sonar pings.  C’mon, let’s go for a “bag of scallops”.

I Can See The Lights offers “Let’s get you home dad…you’re pissed…you’ve already missed Match of The Day.” A bit of acoustic guitar accompanies the evocative image of “a staggered tango” and long in the past dreams.

Spiderman Unmasked throbs awkwardly with creaking electronics and the life of the underclass. “Lose yourself to the heat, the noise” and “12 hours shifts”. It’s “up to your hips in chicken blood and shit.”

The EP closes with I’m a Mate of Deans (sic) for which I can’t better the description offered by the Gibson Family who said “1:32 of pure magic, like the feeling of joyfully knocking on a door, full of anticipated good times only to be turned away too soon & given a familiar blanket.


~ by acidted on October 24, 2016.

One Response to “Polar EP by Cobby & Litten”

  1. Good stuff from Mr Cobby and Mr Litten

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