Aleryde _ Uplifted


New electronica album Uplifted from Aleryde. A gentle experience.

Opener Last Moth offers electronics interwoven with electric guitar elements. The Witch Project offers a more ambient electronic feel with acoustic guitar in an unsettling combination. Universal Law is woozy but more hopeful in ambition.

Feed me retreats into personal ambient realms, with just a hint of space. Don’t touch shuffles its way to something beach bound and Balearic. That sets the mood perfectly for the simple pleasures of Inevitable (uplifted remix) which is warm and enveloping.

Liquid Slave is a slightly troubling title but I needn’t have worried as the track is forgettable. No Arms returns to the soft and gentle electronic style of Don’t Touch with grace and poise. Lovely. The album closes with Alterego. A final goodbye with a blast into space electronic funk.

This is a good album, especially as it’s free, but would have benefit from being shorn a couple of tracks.

All tracks written+arranged+engineered by Alessandro Panicciari (ALERYDE)
additional arrangement on track Inevitable by I.G.A.
Guitar on track last moth arranged by I.G.A.
additional fx recorded whit FABIO MANFREDINI (Espressione di suono)
art work inspiration by FLAVIA CAVALCANTI


~ by acidted on October 25, 2016.

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