Delusions of Grandeur B-Sides


Nothing delusional here. Simply three classic B sides from Hardkiss getting a welcome re-release. One of US dance music’s finest moments appears here with Raincry (Submerged).

The 1995 album Delusions of Grandeur got recently re-released. Twenty years old perhaps but bang up to date otherwise. A wonderfully inventive double album of West Coast dance music. This B-sides release includes three mixes which accompanied singles released from the album.

Opener and a not-bettered remix is for Raincry by God Within. The submerged remix is a near 10 minute transformational experience. Unexpectedly slow and almost ambient in part is would have house heads crying into their comedowns back in the day. Not me. Obv.

Next, a Steal From The Rich mix of The Phoenix for God Within. Never such a fan of this one, as it didn’t make so much use of the guitar sample on which the original rests. Finally 3 Moods in a Purple Garden. This remix of 3 Nudes in a Purple Garden is very much a club track, with its locked in sounds.



Originally released on vinyl only, these three tracks were B-sides of singles that appeared on the 1995 classic Hardkiss double album Delusions of Grandeur. If Delusions… was the bomb, then these three moody remixes are some radioactive fallout from that initial blast of electronic dance music creativity.

“Raincry” by God Within was Scott Hardkiss’ breakthrough single. It began with a tribal chant sample in a small garage in Twin Peaks, San Francisco. Within the year, that chant was being dropped by DJs all around the world. This mix has a slower burn than the A-side, but all the epic emotion and drama.

“3 Moods in a Gurple Parden” is Robbie Hardkiss’ remix of Gavin Hardkiss’ first single as Hawke. Here, the unique tech / break / house meditation “3 Nudes in a Purple Garden” gets funked up with latin percussion and a stomping bass line added to the ethereal melodies of the original.

“Steal From The Rich” is also a Robbie remix. This one is a slowed down, funked up reworking of God Within’s “The Phoenix.” Recorded in Nottingham at DIY Studios, this DC Go-Go inspired mix is quite the departure from the big, banging mixes on the original single by Rabbit in the Moon and Scott Hardkiss.

~ by acidted on November 2, 2016.

One Response to “Delusions of Grandeur B-Sides”

  1. These are good, very good. I’m overly familiar with a lot of Hardkiss stuff. Don’t know why.

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