Phuture – We Are Phuture (2016 Mix)


The future will survive! The future will stay alive!”we are now among you

A review of this record – We Are Phuture – is slightly redundant. The original from ’88 is an acid classic. It’s a lot harder than you might imagine (given the date and the drum technology available) and much more acidic than I remembered. The track is getting a re-release with some DJ Pierre remixes. The release is in memory of Phuture’s Spanky who passed away earlier this year.

The track was produced by DJ Pierre, Earl ‘Spanky’ Smith aka DJ Spank Spank and Herbert ‘Herb J’ Jackson. Alain Patrick at Discogs says “DJ Pierre gave me an interview which I had the chance to ask about a very special chapter of the history of Acid House music – ‘We Are Phuture’. On that matter, he said: “We started this project because everyone else was doing Acid House, and we wanted the future. Something that will always be one step ahead, always growing, moving”.”

The original


When the words came to me for ” We are Phuture” I had no idea how relevant and true they would become. My friend ” Spank Spank” of over 30 years is no longer with us in body but he is here in spirit.  He is here in the music. A few years after Acid house reached its peaked people gave up on it. They  said Acid was dead. Spanky and I refused to believe that. So I wrote the words to this song. It was in direct defiance to people wanting to put us and the movement to rest. Next year  in 2017 we celebrate 30 years of Acid House and it’s bigger than  ever. The words of survival in this song could not be any more true.  This is in dedication to you my friend.  Sleep well. We will forever be Phuture and Phuture will always survive in our music. Love and Respect always.

DJ Pierre, October 2016


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  1. Tuff sounds

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