Eva Schlegel – Random Interlude



Eva Schlegel is from St Petersburg, though her name hardly sounds Russian. I wonder what the story is there? She describes herself as a sound engineer and producer but Googling didn’t really take me much further than that. There’s something compellingly cold about the fractured, tinkling, trip hop of Random Interlude, taken from her album Broken Doll.


It’s out on Southern City Lab from Russia, so the blurb’s in Russian

это сборник случайных мыслей – треков, которые получились в ходе музыкальных медитаций и импровизаций. Трип-хоп в чистом виде не является моим основным стилем написания музыки, но, пожалуй, именно он оказывает наибольшее воздействие на моё сознание и чувства

I think this translates as “a collection of random thoughts – tracks that are received during meditation music and improvisation. Trip-hop in its purest form is not my main writing style of music, but perhaps it was he who has the greatest impact on my consciousness and feelings”

~ by acidted on November 12, 2016.

6 Responses to “Eva Schlegel – Random Interlude”

  1. I know she’s on the Touched Music label and has appeared on a few of their compilations. Her latest album is absolutely astounding .


  2. I know she’s on the Touched Music label and has contributed to their compilations. Her new album is astounding.


  3. I know she’s released music on the Touched Music label and her new album is astounding. But yeah, after that quite vague.


  4. Sorry for the repeats, I thought it wasn’t posting.

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