Sundays are for electro-jazz


When you’ve spent the afternoon, as I have, listening to interminable over-excited EDM air horn music, wailing hysterical house cuts or wading through hundreds of deep house Flume-alikes, it was quite a relief to get to Sandgrounder’s Scuba Intruder. A peaceful, jazzy electronic tune. Even the addition of some downtempo sax can’t spoil the enjoyment here. As relaxing as a Midsomer Murder and as cozy as a slanket.

Blurb: Sandgrounder is the electro-jazz alias of Mike Smith. Enthused by internationally renowned saxophonist Nathan Haines’ work that stretches over two decades, Smith’s main axe for this project is a straight soprano sax. He emulates the electronic aspect of Haines’ work by employing bespoke samples, analogue synthesisers, organs and pianos from his personal collection of vintage equipment which he has acquired over his 20 year career as a session musician.

~ by acidted on November 13, 2016.

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