Daniele Di Martino – FAUST


A new release from Daniele Di Martino and the first on vinyl. Out on 15 December. Deep house sounds but with a definite Berlin techno flavouring.

The lead track is Faust. An interesting choice of title, given that the German legend is about a student who sells his soul to the devil – as you do when your grant money runs out. But in music terms, let’s be contrary and start with the B side, for that is where the worldly pleasure of this 12″ are to be found.

B Side track Different is the highlight of the EP. A darkly captivating melodic techno swirl of a tune. A track in which to lose yourself on the dancefloor but with enough of a melodic earworm to work equally as well at home. The other B side is a Thomas Schumacher remix of the lead track. Another classy offering. Big, bold techno sounds, almost the sense of a cathedral organ in the way that the opening is constructed. Before it plunges you into the dark depth of the beats and ominous synths.

And so to the A side Faust, which eschews Daniele’s usual deep house lightness for something dark and of the devil. Full of gloom, doom and portent. But never quite taking off. Stick to the B sides.

Pre Order Vinyl Here: bit.ly/ddm_faust

Daniele Di Martino – Different

Whole EP

Blurb: Daniele Di Martino now comes back with an EP that is made for long and dark nights in the small clubs. Therefore, Di Martino goes back to his roots by creating straight deep house combined with a pushing bassline, as he does in the original version of “Faust” – providing a result that is perfect to be played somewhere in the deepness of the night when there is no time for hesitation. The second track “Different” comes a bit more melodic, includes vocal snippets and leaves space to breathe und feel – while the bass is as dark, it could dig an aisle in the middle of the dancefloor. 

Daniele Di Martino’s two tracks are reduced to the minimum – thus, they present a little less of the easiness and playfulness of his former releases – however, this is no chance but the producer’s way of expressing his development as an artist.

The third track leaves a completely different impression as it is made by techno-legend Thomas Schumacher who gave “Faust” his personal interpretation. Since Schumacher is an expert in creating clear and straight-into-your-face techno sounds the result comes harder and even straighter than the original. It crowns the EP by leaving no space for thinking or dreaming and reflects the intention of the whole trilogy.

~ by acidted on November 22, 2016.

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