Derobla – Cluster: Chapter I


Derobla is a new artist from Barcelona. Here’s his debut Cluster: Chapter 1 EP. Four tracks of IDM electronica. This is an assured debut and has much in common with the intricacies of Max Cooper.

The EP opens with Nana. This gets us off to a suitably low key start. A little shallow wood battering and some xylophone-sounding keys allow the track to drift along and your mind with it. But it retains enough of an edge from the background throb to never feel quite comfortable. Deharaqetum is more conventionally IDM with fractured beats and sawing strings. Includes some awkward vocal snippets that could have been avoided.

Cuando Quieras (ready) packs a bigger punch and sets out to unsettle you, with beats that vary their tempo and ominous sounds elsewhere. Humans (we are not) offers an element of distorted classical overture to the proceedings. Fine but not essential. Closer 1/24/96 gives you some drone, cymbals and a little disembodied vocal. A fine way to drag us to the end.


Whole EP


~ by acidted on November 23, 2016.

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