Thursday Trio: Yin Yang Bangers, Sam Weston and 2Gen


Thursday’s trio comes from Yin Yang Bangers, Sam Weston and 2Gen. The sounds run from deep house, through house and into techno.

Starting with Yin Yang Bangers and Mean Muggin’. This is totally funky deep house, shot through with bits of dub techno. A seriously cool house concoction. Free download for one week.

Sam Weston offers Never Been In Love Part II. This is an absolutely classic piano house sound. Joyous, uplifting, life affirming.

And finally, 2Gen with their tech house sounds of Tattoo Life. This is a great track as it draws you in and unfolds its secrets. A properly hypnotic track. Sadly, only a 90 sec clip for you here.

Blurb: 2GEN is the sum of two big passions and two generations of a family which have developed separate careers in the electronic music scene over the years. Father and son are now working together to explore the deep chemistry between them both in the recording studio and at the console! Their first release on Luxnova Records is called ‘Tattoo Life’: a perfect groovy track, rich with vocal sample, and deep sound, woven throughout a techno/underground sound. To complete, several atmospheric pads makes the track extremely particular and catchy.


~ by acidted on December 1, 2016.

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