Saturday Selection: Repeat Forever, Tonio Sagan and Losless


Saturday’s selection from Repeat Forever, Tonio Sagan and Losless is mainly on the downtempo side. A chilled end to the working week and a soft start to the weekend.

Repeat Forever provides Song of the Sea. This is described as “The finest computer-generated tones programmed in Sonic Pi.” which hardly does the beautiful sounds justice. There’s a little bit of rippling water and some plucked guitar sounds but overall this is music on which to float your cares away. Gorgeous.

Next, Losless. Rur’ has a very analogue sound but without being self-conscious about it. Although it’s an ambient track, there’s a lot of techno structure and feeling. Quite a contemplative track.


And finally, Tonio Sagan and Stranger Than Fiction. This is self-consciously epic and none the worse for that. This has vast galactic ambition. A bit of disembodied trumpets in space, beats that stride confidently forward and rolling atmospheric electronics give this a vast sense of scale and an unafraid perspective. Go boldly.

Blurb: Massachusetts producer Tonio Sagan returns with another incredible instalment to his “Voyager Records” series, this time drifting even deeper into outer space on the haunting “Stranger Than Fiction.”

The nearly five-minute track is a hypnotizing mini-epic that, like preceding cut “Voyager Records: Greetings,” is built on sounds curated by his grandfather, Carl Sagan. The late, great astronomer created a soundbank that travelled into space with the Voyager 1 & 2 shuttles in the 1970s, just in case the starships made contact with alien life.

Where “Stranger Than Fiction” differs, however, is in its more Hip-Hop-indebted sound, which pays homage to Tonio’s earlier years as a producer. There’s still an intergalactic wave to the track—those synthesizers are superbly science fiction—but it’s grounded by its Boom bap tempo and sample choices. Those include touches from “Melancholy Blues” by Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven, in addition to the first movement (“Allegro Con Brio”) from Beethoven’s Symphony Number 5 in C Minor.

“Voyager Records: Stranger Than Fiction” is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, and can be purchased on limited edition 7-inch gold vinyl, along with the A-Side, “Greetings” which first hit SoundCloud in late September.

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~ by acidted on December 3, 2016.

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