Cities Below Future Seas


Might I direct your attention to the new release from Cobby & Porky? Cities Below Future Seas is its name and it’s out now. Seven tracks of mellow electronic funk. Available as download or on CD.

Cities Below Future Seas includes a couple of tracks released on the Sirens EP a couple of months back. These were Sirens at Dusk and Dresden. Back then I said “Sirens at Dusk – is a misnomer as it contains no sirens. No a whooping wail to be found. *checks dictionary * Oh. There’s another meaning of singing enchantress. Must be that one. It’s a very leftfield track since it isn’t quite the relaxed funk that is the hallmark of the Cobby sound. There’s more than a little afro-beat infusing this along with an almost sense of drone tone. Hard to believe it’s seven minutes long as no sooner has it got going than it finishes – or that’s what it feels like. Cool track.

The other track is Dresden. I’ve no idea why it’s been called after the German city. Perhaps the cover image relating to blasting in progress gives a clue. Perhaps it relates to the controversial bombing campaign of 1945. There is an ominous undertow to the track. And the electronic shrieks don’t help. The bass buzzes away at high altitude the beats have an oily sense. No relaxing downtempo here. Unsettling track.”

The album also contains tracks from the Porkbag EP of which I said Porkbag. This bobbles along at the start before taking itself firmly in hand and giving us some lush pads and sounds.

Next up is Ho’oponopono. The tune is a gorgeous one, full of faux 60s grooviness that demands you stop what you’re doing and stop taking life so seriously. A particular problem of mine.

Finally, we have Black Pudding. A lovely track, so delicate it’s hardly there most of the time. A little flute welds the whole thing together with gossamer threads.”

Highly recommended



~ by acidted on December 7, 2016.

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