TIHMTGB – Dormant


Last week was a bit of a seminal moment for me. My first retirement do for someone I use to work with. All a bit feel-your-mortality moment. Enhanced by discussions dominated not by the usual football but pensions and suicides. Even so, I felt the need to leave before the end (it was a school night) and was a bit shocked to realise that the other people remaining wouldn’t be working in the morning because they’d had Redondo.

I was going to say that I assume this isn’t the sort of intro that the record company would welcome. But perhaps not, on this occasion since “All proceeds go directly toward the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation (ASPF).” The track is a gorgeous piece of reflective downtempo IDM, using that classic balance of soft piano and clattering electronics.

Blurb: As the title implies, Dormant is an exploration of a specific state, referring not only to the natural world but also to the general contrast between being asleep and awake. While dormant, a subject’s activity is reduced to its very minimum but the potential is still present, eagerly waiting to be unleashed.

Musically it contrasts intense melancholic ambience with uplifting electronic elements to create an image of something impactful that is about to wake up.

The EP consists of two moody atmospheric tracks filled with minimalist piano melodies, minor glitches, strings and other various synths.


~ by acidted on December 8, 2016.

4 Responses to “TIHMTGB – Dormant”

  1. What’s Redondo? Je suis baffled.

  2. Nice link, enjoyed playing

  3. Redondo = redundancy

  4. Merci.

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