C-Jay – Echoes LP


New melodic ambient from C-Jay. Full of drawn out synths and debts to Vangelis.

C-Jay appeared here in the Spring with his Backslider project. Now he’s a new album – Echoes – that’s rather oddly released as third CD on a triple CD offering as part of Bedrock 18. The first two CDs are the usual club tracks, albeit unreleased ones. These are absolutely fine if you like Digweed’s stuff. And I periodically do. But the third CD from C-Jay is what you should head for. A post-club chill out offering.

It’s morning as I write. Bright and chilly. As I wait for the heating to kick in and the coffee to work its sensual magic, this album seems perfectly attuned. Five tracks of synth-bound sounds (the sixth is an ambient remix of one from Backslider). Multiple tones and extended chords replace the beats. One track runs into another but it’s never wallpaper. It’s all rather beautiful.

Pre-Order : bedrockmusic.bigcartel.com/product/bed…d-pre-order

Blurb: A preview of CD 3 of the brand new Bedrock 18 – compiled by John Digweed consists of 2 discs showcasing 21 exclusive tracks from some of Bedrock’s favourite artists and some exciting new names on the label’s roster, in a DJ-friendly unmixed format, along with a 3rd disc featuring the new artist album from chilled maestro C-Jay.



~ by acidted on December 11, 2016.

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  1. […] has appeared here last year with his Echoes LP and his Backslider EP. This time he’s here with Yoram & Namatjira (who I’ve never […]

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