Edison’s Medicine – Jean Baptiste


Electronic music to dance to and for is all well and dandy. But I’m tired. Real tired. Been a long autumn. I want to sit and listen to something more cinematic. That’s where Edison’s Medicine comes in. Their track Jean Baptiste is not so upbeat that it’s aimed at the feet. But neither is it so soporific that I’m likely to nod off. There’s a compelling, driving sense to the widescreen approach that leaves it far from ambient’s shore.

Blurb: Edison’s Medicine presents Jean Baptiste, the lead single from the debut EP ‘Hell Is Never Far Away’. The 6 track EP features a remix from the guys behind atmospheric techno project, Yakona, and will be released on the 15th of December.


~ by acidted on December 13, 2016.

5 Responses to “Edison’s Medicine – Jean Baptiste”

  1. That is hitting the spot. Talking about ambient, have you heard the latest Orb album? It has left me a bit underwhelmed as did the gig a few weeks ago, when they didn’t do the whole of Adventures as originally advertised.

    • Do you mean Chill Out World? If so, I reviewed it here in October and (rather like you) concluded “Overall this is a good album. But I can’t help by yearn. There’s no dub here, which was a lot of the fun in the early days. There is nothing by way of conventional beats. It’s all soundscapes. This is all quite… well… grown up. It’s good but its not containing that little bit of naughtiness that I for one would like a touch more of.” https://acidted.wordpress.com/2016/10/16/cow-chill-out-world-by-the-orb/

  2. Yip, how did I miss that. Anyway also like the chump I am after the debacle that was Adventures Beyond Dark Matter, I pledged for the vinyl of the live 25 anniversary Adventures album recorded in Brixton and surprise surprise it has not been fulfilled on time. Was sent a download of it last week and it isn’t very good some terrible mixing in of samples, train crashes and it doesn’t even contain Earth, presumably because Kris Western n has a writing credit on that one. All in all I am becoming quite jaded by The Orb.

  3. Weston, I. Really should proof read before posting

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