Saturday Selection: Elektrostal and Kin Klave


Just the two for this Saturday’s selection. Both downtempo, with Elektrostal offering something trippy and Kin Klave offering another lovely track from his debut Volare EP.

Elektrostal’s Lovely Day is epically ambient, if that isn’t too much of a contradiction. There’s the shipping forecast linked to some hippyish “It’s a lovely day” vocal and synths that have banks of ambition. All swirling psychedelic and vivid colours. The track is taken from the album Hello World 101, which is available as download or vinyl.

Second, Kin Klave (Kris Caprani)makes a return with another track from his Volare EP. Where Soa was folktronica, Isola is in many ways a bit more ambitious. There’s an element of folktronica but it also veers into something more experimental with shards of UK bass appearing periodically and even a bit of Chinese violin / Ehru sounding elements.

Part of Kin Klavé’s debut ‘Volare’ E.P. Available here:


~ by acidted on December 17, 2016.

2 Responses to “Saturday Selection: Elektrostal and Kin Klave”

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  2. […] love, from Yorkshire. Kin Klave returns with the romance of Yorkshire Soul. A tune of electronic soul, nujazz and all manner of loveliness. […]

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