Fjaak – Fjaak


This is the eponymous debut album from Berlin based Fjaak. I recommend you listen.

Funked up beats, anxious, gnarly rhythms, thick, treacly bass and delicate, gossamer threads of synth all twist and turn in a swirling vortex of techno-infused joy.

So ‘Spandau Ballett’ is awash with shimmering synths rubbing up against an uber danceable beat, ‘Fjkslktr’ is acid-spiked effervescence underpinned by orchestral waves while ‘Sixteen Levels’ is harried, agitated cracks and grinding bass, a quite neurotic addition. ‘Against The Clock’ is an electrifying burst of intensity, the metronomic, ricocheting drum, bass and high hat gradually ascending as synths close in from all sides and smothered vocal snatches flit in and out. Grand stuff.

A more orthodox approach provides the industrial beat of ‘Das Programm,’ though the harsh, twanging rhythmns are softened by luminescent synths that emerge and cascade like a fine mist. The uncompromising ‘Gewerbe 15’ and ‘Wolves’ with their uber alles teutonic pounding, abrasive keyboards and midway breaks that build furiously before returning to the fray echo the all-out, blistering techno of ‘Access.’   

Cataracts of diaphanous notes flow through the sublime ‘Snow’ gently battling it out with the staccato beats whilst the idiosyncratic ‘Offline’ features kalimba style sounds pitter-pattering earnestly, punctuated by random unidentifiable sounds. Finally, the electro grind of ‘Fast Food’ is earthy, raw and irresistible. Enjoy.

Review by D


Gewerbe 15



~ by acidted on December 20, 2016.

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