Horizons EP by The Egg and Greg Hunter


If the cold wind is nipping round your nether regions, warm yourself with this taste of lazy high summer from The Egg and Greg Hunter.

The Horizons EP from The Egg and Greg Hunter was originally released eighteen months ago but seems to be getting a re-release next month, probably with a new remix. Anyhow, this is utterly lovely ambient drifting, sultry sounds. All very 90s to be sure but none the worse for that.

Greg Hunter is best known to me for being part of Subsurfing. They were a sort of offshoot of system 7 / The Orb back in the early 90s. Best known for the utterly sublime ambientastic The Number Readers, which, astonishingly, is available as a ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp. You must go get this right now.

Blurb: The Egg are dance technicians – they play live rocktronic, funk and house inspired big textural dance music, using electronic and live instruments with video triggers, samples and live and vocodered vocals. Their music is influenced by everything around them and inspired by artists such as Pink Floyd, Funkadelic, DFA Records, New Order, Underworld, and the shoegazing/nu-gaze scene.
– Think flirting with Air, ‘a nod to George Clinton and a wink at Primal Scream’

The band are well known on the UK festival circuit, but fit just as comfortably into the club scene and recently enjoyed a worldwide hit with the massive Tocadisco electro-house remix of their Air-like ‘Walking Away’ and the David Guetta bootleg of the same track that followed. They reached no.3 in the Uk charts, no.1 in Spain for 6 weeks, and enjoyed the biggest dance tune in the world overall in sales.

The 1st single ‘Catch’ and featured remixes from Psychemagik, The C-90’s and Tom Laroye (Paris). They have worked with or been remixed by: Tocadisco, Mylo, David Guetta, Rollo (Faithless), Camille Jones, The Next Men, Fila Brazillia, Grand National, Dusty Kid, Ulrich Schnauss, Oliver Koletski, Atomic Hooligan, Greg Hunter (The Orb) & Currently working with producer Youth, John Monkman and recently recorded new music with Jah Wobble (P.I.L), Youth, Roger Eno, Klaxxons, Matt Black (coldcut)

Upcoming 5th album ‘Galactic Love Machine’ produced/ co written with Greg Hunter (The Orb, Dubsahara, Crowded House,) Due for release on loop de loop records will be out and promoted over the next 2/3 months. (CD and Vinyl)

~ by acidted on December 23, 2016.

2 Responses to “Horizons EP by The Egg and Greg Hunter”

  1. Merry Christmas, Sir!
    I apologize for my prolonged absence, both in music and feedback, but life seems so increasingly stressful, lately. I hope that everything is going well by your side, and if not, I wish to you and your family a wonderful 2017. 🙂

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