T’was the night before Christmas


Christmas Eve or Heiligabend (literally, Holy Evening), as my wife is wont to call it. As accompaniment, here’s a little electronic playlist that owes nothing to cheesy Christmas remixes but aims for something more evocative, following a walk round a misty graveyard (cos I’m right cheerful).

First Ataxon and Skulk. This is what started off this playlist idea. The sound of crisp footsteps and swirling damp mist. Gravestones and vaults coming and going in the mist. Half seen shapes and drips from trees. And despite the title is not a particularly brooding track. I found it a curiously optimistic piece of ambient. Those intermittent bells offering a stangely Christmassy air. From the album Ghosts Of The Holy City, forthcoming 10 March 2017.

Next, Vlaicu Golcea & Alex Halka with Sud. A stroll in an early evening urban landscape, full of sulphurous street light glow. The nervous woman at the cashpoint. The sudden noise as the pub door opens momentarily. The kids running round the bus stop as a tired woman puts down her many bags.

Fejka’s Moonlight takes the final path home. All bright and clear. No longer foggy. The sight of your breath, the taste of cold. Light peeping out from blinds. The twinkling of half-hidden Christmas tree lights.

Indoors now, here’s Styles in Black who wants you to find The Seer Within. More Ehru-centredness , chilled beats and a sample on the real nature of the mind. Warmer than a crackling fire and a soothing egg nog of a tune. A reminder of connectedness. Have a good Christmas people.

~ by acidted on December 24, 2016.

3 Responses to “T’was the night before Christmas”

  1. All the best to the three of you Ctel. I suspect that we will both be watching Dr Who while trying to build some over priced Lego creation.

  2. Dude, Skulk is fantastic. The rest of Ataxon’s stuff is rad too; it’s all definitely worth a listen. They are a fave of mine

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