Life Coach Kitteh holds your agenda with Eric Rigo


Life Coach Kitteh says:

For this week’s session, I want you to talk freely about the things you are most proud of, those pivotal moments that shaped your character and the inner strengths that you will draw on as you enter the late afternoon of your middle age.  As I am an advocate of my clients ‘holding their own agenda’ at all times, I won’t actually be in the room.  However, for inspiration and support, here is a picture of me wearing my favourite feathery headband.”

Today’s agenda is provided by Eric Rigo. It is ‘Thrift‘. An essential virtue of Victorian society and forming part of the Samuel Smiles agenda. His best-selling Self Help book was based around advancement through character, thrift and perseverance. It resonates in ideas around ‘deserving poor’ and gains extra momentum in this present age of austerity. An odd title perhaps for Eric Rigo to use for an essentially hedonistic musical form – deep house. But he is also drawing on ideas of economic theory around the efficient use of scarce resources. This is deep house as espoused by Adam Smith. Perhaps. Rigo deliberately keeps things simple, avoiding the modern curse of over-layering. His deep house strikes chords deep within.


~ by acidted on January 16, 2017.

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