Coice & Foice by Flembaz


Some progressive techno house on the new album from Flembaz.

Flembaz are João Bandarra & Pedro Freitas from Lisbon, Portugal. And it’s almost four years since we had anything from them. As I look out over another bright but cold and frosty day their progressive techno makes such perfect sense. They describe this album as progressive techno for “patient and challenging ears.” I think I know what they’re getting at. This isn’t really aimed so much at the dance floor as at home listening – kitchen dancing as I call it. What’s it about? I’m not really sure, since the album title Coice & Foice has google offering Kick & Sickle, which surely can’t be right.

Anyhow, the album. Opener Asid Odagartse is an eight minute epic, gradually building itself up to its full height only after four minutes. This is a great statement of intent with dark acid flavours throughout. Careto (tr. face mask?) is a darker wonky affair, with deliberately distorted tones for headphones.

RHDS twists around to be a good deal more optimistic in its ascending way. Warming synths and chords snuggle up to pauses and whooshes. A lovely bit of funk permeates this one. Nove (tr. nine) follows its lead but not quite as memorably. Clapping 34 ups the pace a bit. Not so much built around handclaps but with a giddily progressive percussion. This is one track that would definitely work in a club.

Flanger attempts some psychedelic techno but it doesn’t quite work. Leaves a gaping hole in its middle. Untield attempts the same approach but much more successfully. A dark, creepy, acid-enhanced offer. The album closes with Moogadicious. Another that will sound better on headphones this throws everything into the mix but without sounding cluttered. There are squeaks, squiggles, swirls, warps and bloops in a techno framework that lifts off skywards.

A good album, worth a listen. Available as download or CD.

Blurb: Coice & Foice is the continuation of the journey started in 2014 with Flembaz’ “Tripalle” and it’s the 4th studio album by the Portuguese duo.

The LP is a conceptual progressive techno trip built around 8 tracks for the patient and challenging ears. Atmosphere and groove are the keywords that best describe this work. This album was officially first presented live at Boom Festival 2016.



~ by acidted on January 22, 2017.

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