DJHDD vs CMP – The Further Hallucinations of LSD


After this morning’s acid trip sampling tune here’s another from DJHDD & CMP, which takes a more historical approach, focusing on Albert Hoffman. He was, of course, the first person to synthesise LSD and to trip out on it. The tune is an hour long journey dating from 2008 and combining any manner of spaced ambient trippiness. DJHDD describes it as “A themed mix sounding like the bastard offspring of the KLF & the Orb.”

(Alberts bike ride)
Sample: pushbike\train sound effect
Pink Floyd (Piano from Animals) (..grooving with a Pict) (Peddle steel guitar from Dark Side Moon)
Pelican Daughters – The Bicycle Ride (CMP edit)
Genesis P-Orridge – talking about ambient sound representations
Genesis P-Orridge & Mr Leary – Thee spirit of thee molecule
Voidware -Take LSD
Hawkwind – Space dust
Tangarine Dream – Pheadra
Ken Kesey\Terence McKenna
Irresistible Force – Wave form

(The Paranoid Bad Trip)
The Weird World of LSD,(1967)
Sample:Dewey Cox Story (Walk Hard)
Danny Ben Israel – Bad Trip
Love – Seven and Seven is
Todd Rundgren – Dogfight Giggle
Sounds of Haunted House
Drum and Bass Beats – CMP
Voiceovers from LSD and Mind Control Documentary
Todd Rundgren – International Feel
More Beats – CMP
Todd Rundgren – Flamingo
John Luther Adams – Shimmer
Ken Nordine – WordJazz (from podcast)
Rhys Chatham – Two Gongs
John Luther Adams – Velocities crossing in space
Cheech & Chong – Acid scene
(Hallucination Generation)
Hippie Revolt (1967)
Meat Beat Manifesto
Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida
Ken Kesey (The Room)
Unkown 60’s band – Acid
Woodstock Brown Acid
Godley & Creme – Consequences
Moody Blues – Legend Of A Mind
Dr Timothy Leary (Death)
(No Fear in the classroom)
No fear – Celebrity Murder Party
voiceovers LSD Educational video
Pink Floyd (steel peddle guitar)
Chris Coco – Memory of a free party
(Monogramatic World)
LSD Girl
Various people talking about the colours of LSD
Hot Chip – Colours
(The troops of the White Rabbit)
Ian Hunt – Troops on LSD
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (Jonathan Peters Mix)
Alice in Acidland (1968)
Stu Mitchell – A town called LSD

~ by acidted on January 23, 2017.

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