Thursday’s trio is Aurian Ray, Suits and Skulls, and Bombycol


Three essentially downtempo tracks from Aurian Ray, Suits and Skulls, and Bombycol.

Aurian Ray is John Soros from Cleveland, Ohio. For Open Fields he takes an expansive drone-led approach to a wide-sky ambient track. At two minutes, the tune is frustratingly brief but whilst it lasts it is lovely.

Suits and Skulls takes a more avowedly electronic approach on Sayonara but with a classical bent coming through the combination of hushed, drone electronics and austere piano. At 10 minutes this track gives itself time and space to develop a mod and a world into which you sink.

Bombycol says that Everblue is a deep house track but it’s a bit too chilled for that. It’s also a strange one where ostensibly not that much happens but that which does seems to work awfully well and you find yourself cheerfully nodding along.

~ by acidted on January 26, 2017.

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