Sunday is shimmying with Marc Winnfield, Jake Longley and Catalynx


Good morning. By and large downtempo or ambient occupies my Sunday mornings. Not today. Marc Winnfield offers you a delicate but positive blast of deep house, Jake Longley gets closest to downtempo but with an insistent tone, and Catalynx draws things to a close with some straight techno.

Marc Winnfield is from Germany. His sounds don’t quite have that Berlin cool sheen, they’re from that other more organic, naturalistic deep house tradition. And in Resurrection he has a tune that has a rippling, swirling synth line that is a laser-like earworm into your head. A quite beautiful track.

Download for free on The Artist Union:

London’s Jake Longley is one of those multi-media renaissance men who does film and sound. Here, Solo is pitched as a downtempo tune. But there’s an urgency to the clattering beats that almost trip over each other and the synth’s sense of epiphany.

Catalynx are from the US and offer Foxy. This some proper machine tooled techno but reliant on weaving combinations of clean sounds, rather than a pummelling of beats. Drolly and unfairly called by the artist “8 min of 6 notes on repeat.”

~ by acidted on January 29, 2017.

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