A lovely debut EP from Tracey (Tom Ruijg). The Skyfall EP is a mix of gorgeously dreamy synths on title track Skyfall and the slightly more acidic Earthrise. It also comes with a couple of remixes of Skyfall. The first is the Deniro Mental Remix and this takes the track into proper acid techno territory whilst retaining a touch of the melodic synths of the original. The second remix is the Deniro Oude remix which drops the acid and goes for something more housey and spacey in approach. All fine tunes.

Blurb: Amongst those on the Amsterdam club scene, Tom Ruijg is highly regarded as a DJ and producer. With a production history that stretches back to the turn of the decade, and includes releases under his given name on Bangbang!, Karat, Hot Waves and Soweso, he’s no newcomer, either.

Skyfall is his first 12” for Voyage Direct, following a fine contribution to the First Mission compilation – alongside friend and sometime studio partner Efde – back in 2015. More pertinently, the EP marks the first time he’s used the Tracey moniker for a release.


~ by acidted on February 11, 2017.

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