Mute Yourself by Slighter

Killer moth side

Slighter’s back with some post-rock ambient industrial. All growling and stalking in treacle. There’s a vocal version but that need not detain us here. The instrumental gives the track more space. Electronics buzz and the bass heaves like the movement of tectonic plates. The remainder is full of drones and impending doom.  Name your price download.

Blurb: New single from Slighter’s forthcoming album ERODE! Free download, or donate however much you’d like!  “Mute Yourself” puts Colin’s vocals against a brooding piece of Industrial influenced Electronic Rock. Guitars, synths & drum machines combine in a hypnotically catchy song that sets up what to expect from his next album. Flip for the instrumental, for those who prefer a non-vocal experience.  

~ by acidted on February 23, 2017.

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