Return To Good Karma by Chris Coco

Killer moth

Chris Coco is always welcome on this blog. His downtempo, often Balearic, stuff is always a pleasure. Here’s a new 6 track release entitled Return To Good Karma. An album of slowly unfolding electronic ambient daydreams.

The album opens with the title tack. Of the album Chris says “This album is inspired by time spent on the magical island of Bali. It’s a sort of spiritual journey of discovery, on the way to finding a better way of living.” That spirit of contemplation is evidence on Return To Good Karma, with its spoken intro and Chris Rea sounding guitar work from Nick Cornu.

The next track, The Impossible Road also starts with a spoken piece intro recorded on Bali before 12 minutes of contemplation follow. Bells and chimes move around as if sounds caught on an unreliable breeze. Otherwise, there is an inner calm being sought here in this totally ambient piece.

A Place of Greater Storms is the first track with no spoken intro. There’s ambient noise to serve as an intro. Then, piano and wood blocks drift in and around. Villa Infinite Horizon returns to the spoken word intro format, serving as a paean to nature and the universe. The track itself is so nearly not there that it’s almost 4:33. A bit too yoga mat this one.

The album closes with Enjoy Your Breath, a conscious Buddhist reference. The track offers both a way out of the album and a return to the world. It is a musical deep breath, held, released and eyes open.

The album works best in a spirit of contemplation. It’s not one for doing the housework or homework. Stop. Sit down. Enjoy.



~ by acidted on February 23, 2017.

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