TEN FÉ Twist Your Arm (Lindstrøm And Prins Thomas Remix)


A new remix for Ten Fe from the dynamic duo of Lindstrom and Prins Thomas. Separately, Lindstrom and Prins Thomas can be a bit too lush to have real bite. But together things seem to tighten up and that’s the case with their swaggering rock motorik remix of Twist Your Arm. A juddering bass drives the whole thing to the edge of the cliff and beyond. They could have omitted more of the vocals but this is a bombastically good tune.


Pre-order exclusive 12” Vinyl EP featuring 5 remixes presented by Telekom Electronic Beats, available 24 February

iTunes pre-order – www.smarturl.it/HITTHELIGHTREMIXESDA
Vinyl pre-order – www.smarturl.it/HITTHELIGHTREMIXESLP

The EP has an impressive line-up featuring remixes by electronic music legend UNKLE, Ewan Pearson, Tom Furse of The Horrors and Norwegian producers Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas.

Listen to this remix on Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/6rM7UCi2iIfRnLeCuMxvkA

Ten Fé’s debut album, ‘Hit The Light’ produced by Ewan Pearson is out now on SOME KINDA LOVE / [PIAS]. Buy now at smarturl.it/TF_HITTHELIGHT

~ by acidted on March 2, 2017.

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  1. Yes it is.

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