Ali Payami – First Choice (The Watt Remix)

Busker Batman

A free download from Ali Payami on 1980 Recordings with First Choice (The Watt Mix). A proper Saturday night kind of deep house tune. All grooving beats that make you move your feet. Doesn’t quite break out the house piano but the synth stabs get awful close and put a smile on your face.


To celebrate 10 years of 1980 Recordings we will be giving away ten tracks for each Ten Years of 1980 Recordings Compilations released. This is #1 for the #1 in the series of #10 compilations… download, share, play and follow to keep up to date with the next free giveaways. #1980recordingsTen…number-1/1943656

1980 Recording may not be know to the mainstream but mention the name to many of the underground people of the music industry and they will know it.

1980 Recordings is the brainchild and baby of Dan McKie. Dan McKie has been producing music and touring as a DJ for 20 years now. He has remixed & produced the likes of Beyoncé, Solange, Kelly Rowland, The B-52’s, as well as remixing the mainstream with his own unique underground style he has always kept close to his underground roots with a plethora of underground remixes and original productions. He is also a seasoned touring DJ which has seen him hold down residencies in Barcelona, London, Andorra & the prestigious Ibiza, as well as visiting different corners of the earth on his tours. Dan McKie is one of the genuine & friendliest music industry professionals in the music industry today (yes they do exists).

~ by acidted on March 4, 2017.

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