Life Coach Kitteh says be grateful


Life Coach Kitteh says:
Being grateful for what you have is an important part of living a fulfilling life. Don’t start each day until you have named three things you are grateful for. I’ve been here for four hours and have only come up with ‘spiders’ but will persist.”

Three things I’m grateful for are Bronze Philosophy, Ronnie Spiteri and Ex-MA.

No idea who Bronze Philosophy is. Not sure that matters. We Have Fun, Don’t We is the message and, despite the missing question mark, we do. A piano led loop and a shuffling pitter-patter drive this disorientating electronic tune along. A bit Flying Lotus in places, Jon Hopkins in others but identifiably itself. Fine work whoever you are.

Ronnie Spiteri offers Together, a rather fine tech house floor filling groover. A ‘banger’, even. This one demands dark corners in a club and flashing strobes.

Ex-MA is Maulana Alan from Indonesia. And Basecamp is just that. The essential of techno. Nothing More. Some punishing square-bashing beats and wisp of a tune. Beat in time and march along soldier.



~ by acidted on March 6, 2017.

One Response to “Life Coach Kitteh says be grateful”

  1. Like the Spiteri…very nice.

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