MindBender by B12

TIE squadron

Nine years since we last had any B12. Unbelievable really. In Electro Soma they produced one of the albums of the 90s. Now down to Steve Rutter the music is having a resurgence.

The four tack Mindbender EP is about mental torment. But that’s not especially apparent on the electronic IDM sounds. Opener, Last Man Standing has a hint of menace about the bass sounds but is otherwise more dreamy than disturbed. Red Wilderness is even less anxious, being more lost in a synth dream. Experiment Camp Alpha gets a bit more disorientated with its off-kilter sounds. Closer, Into The Mist is the pick of the quartet, with its minimal metal bashing and reverb distortion.

Blurb: The EP entitled MindBender is about mental torment / torture / unrest and control. The tracks are heavy and describe an environment of captivity and pain. External or Internal – it is all the same.

“Last Man Standing” Heavy pounding beats drive the track, like an eternal pounding of ones brain while a crazy demented conduktor; conducts an orchestra as the band plays on

“Red Wilderness” Solitude, abandonment, loneliness and despair, the track conjures up images of being alone, afraid, broken. Simplistic drum programming and harsh strings carry us on this journey into a baron place

“Experiment Camp Alpha” Not a nice place to be. Originally written as a soundtrack for an old abandoned building in a park. A place where awful things could happen. Wonderful string / pad arrangements interleaved with a bass line constantly morphing as is frequencies are rolled in a evolving story telling way. Is there a way to escape ?

“Into The Mist” A head bobbing track; a constant tom like percussion moves this track along accompanied by bass line and choir – once the minds have been bent out of shape; into the mist we must go

Finished in glorious purple and black splatter vinyl with exclusive full colour artwork by the wonderful Sarah Sparkes

FireScope Records like its parent label B12 Records – A label core to the UK techno scene with roots starting in the early 90’s launched by Michael Golding and Steven Rutter, will exist in conjunction with B12 Records and has the same ethos, quality music, quality packaging, without compromise and a product that will stand the test of time. FireScope will diversify somewhat, not just deep meaningful techno, but also techno with vocals, real songs with real meaning.


~ by acidted on March 7, 2017.

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