Tuesday’s Techno Trio: Del-30, Blake Ronan and Mirror Image


The week’s fully underway and start your morning with some techno to sweep away the cobwebs. Three slightly different techno styles from Del-30’s austere techno, to Blake Ronan’s Detroit style to Mirror Image’s synth-based take.

Del-30 is from the UK and in Wanna Ride offers a contradiction. Listed as house and with a title that implies house, the parping brutality of the tune and it sweep-everything-before-it techno approach is a shock. A good one. This is techno rave of fantastic versatility.

It’s a bit of a shock to find that Blake Ronan, despite the very US name is from the UK. Even more so when you hear the tune Dreamers, with its feet firmly planted in Detroit and Chicago. A feeling that’s enhanced by the Adonis vocal. Acid dreaming techno stormer.

Mirror Image is from the USA and Intergalactic offers something every bit as synthy as the title implies. But it’s not a soft Moroder style use of synths but something deeper and darker. A techno hymn to the heavens, with a lovely catchy lead line.


~ by acidted on March 7, 2017.

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