Tuesday’s Techno Twosome: Kuyani and Nrvvs

An untypically uptempo pairing for me. Normally, by Tuesday my spark has gone and I’ve retreated into the arms of downtempo. Not this week. Keeping up a positive demeanour with techno from Kuyani and Nrrvs.

Kuyani offers Inception. As for Kuyani, “Kuyani is the new creative offshoot for the Northern Californian film-­music composer, Garrett Bevins.” As for Inception, this is at the tech house end of techno but still sturdily built and with an unashamedly epic approach. Peaks blast from every direction in a dazzling display.

As for Nrvvs, they are a duo Will Morrow and Cameron Maxwell, both of whom are students at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. Their approach on this tack is to “attempt to blend elements of techno and lo-fi electronica.” The track is the parentheses driven (for Anna). No idea who Anna is but we have to thank her for this forced marriage of techno and lo-fi electronica that has invention in its heart and joy in its soul.


~ by acidted on March 14, 2017.

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