BOg – Moonlight EP

Hurr hurr hurr. He said bog. That’s like, toilet. Now I’ve got that out of the way, BOg is a Romanian producer that I’m sure I’ve had before. This is on Bedrock so it has that lush, synth-driven approach to house. That said, the Moonlight EP is a lovely piece of work, all twisting synths and hand-waving energy on Moonlight and Eternal. 09o1 goes for something more electronic funk driven with a welcome darkness in its soul.

Blurb: The highly creative, Paris-based, Romanian electronic music composer and DJ, BOg, returns to Bedrock again with his dynamic 3-Track ‘Moonlight EP’. The EP’s title track and ‘0901’ are also highlights on the 67 track 5xCD ‘John Digweed – Live In Brooklyn, Output NYC’, the forthcoming 9th edition of the much-lauded mix series.  With the ‘Moonlight EP’, BOg is raising his creative bar ever upwards, each of this trio of new musical masterpieces showcasing his unique talent. The instantly addictive melodic groove and sparkling energy of ‘Moonlight’ shows exactly what the young Romanian is capable of, with its hypnotic subtlety. ‘Eternal’ ups the energy quotient with its powerful groove and increasingly twisted arrangement and the spirited end result is no less enthralling. Finally, rounding off the package in style comes ‘0901’, introducing a deeper shade of darkness and warped funk into the proceedings, a combination that is sure to turn heads everywhere.


~ by acidted on March 15, 2017.

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