Thursday Trio: William French, Vivian Fantasy and Hessian

Tricky days Thursdays. Not the end of the week but too far away from the last weekend to feel good. Something a bit more soothing perhaps is demanded. In their different ways that’s what’s on offer from William French, Vivian Fantasy and Hessian.

The gentlest of the three is William French, who offers the sublime Heart. Starting with a little rain, this is all gentle synths and ethereal sounds. Chill yourself completely.

Vivian Fantasy ups the pace just a little with the Eastern-tinged Serial Experiments LHC (interlude). A chilled track but one with a little kernel of experimental at its centre. Ambient but bringing in elements of synth pop, music box and drum and bass.

Finally, Hessian. An unlovely material, Hessian, and that slightly rough edge is apparent in their track Promises. The drums have a slightly harder edge than the other two, giving a more alert feel to the track. This has that engaging downtempo feel of stuff by people like Bonobo or Four Tet. Fine work.



~ by acidted on March 16, 2017.

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