Pilates Pusseh says karmic debts can wait

A welcome return from Pilates Pusseh who says:
Yes, yes, you came here to explore your karmic debt and closeness to the infinite source through power flow yoga. But I’ve been off my mash on nip all weekend. Touch your toes or something.”

Not the most helpful advice unfortunately. However, here’s Pangea, also spelled Pangaea, in early geologic time, a supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth. That was 300m years ago. Our Pangea is a track from Speakman Sound. Starts off quite ambient, as you might expect, but soon develops into something much more robust and straightforwardly progressive electronica. A lovely sprawling mass of a tune that offers epic intent and ambition fully realised. Would blow your mind at Glasto.

Second single ‘Pangea’ from brother producer/performer duo Speakman Sound.


Live –www.songkick.com/artists/8902969-speakman-sound
Mailer – eepurl.com/chVuGH


~ by acidted on March 20, 2017.

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