Friday’s up for it with DéRidge, Masaru Uchida and Klondique

A Friday threesome devoted to techno in its various forms with DéRidge, Masaru Uchida and Klondique.

DéRidge offers “somewhere in the darkness of your soul” with its track The Darkness. This is pitch black techno, offering no compromises but equally not a battering. There’s a subtlety at work here. Beats and black but the synths offer contrasts of very, very dark grey. A track for Batman’s next movie. This swoops through the city at night. It sees everything. There is no escape requested nor offered.

Let’s lighten things up a touch with Masaru Uchida’s Besonders (special). This has a more cyber techno take on things, with a dash of tech house for good measure. Although less dark than The Darkness, it is in its own way a more frantic, adrenalin rush of a tune, with the beats and synths tumbling over themselves. Besonders is German for “especially” and this is especially good techno.

Finally, Klondique provides the more Detroit flavoured Escape. Again a dash of tech house in the tune from this Italian duo. But also a sense of fluid rhythm and melody that carries this tune forward. Minty fresh this one.

~ by acidted on March 24, 2017.

One Response to “Friday’s up for it with DéRidge, Masaru Uchida and Klondique”

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